(e)merge art fair

ROOM #210 and #221
Thu, 10/04/2012 to Sun, 10/07/2012
Capitol Skyline Hotel
10 Eye Street, SW Rooms 210 & 221
20024 Washington, DC

Contemporary Wing is pleased to announce participation in the (e)merge Art Fair in Washington, DC, October 4-7 (ROOMS 210 & 221) with works by four emerging female artists from DC, Chicago and New York whose experiments in painting, sculpture, video, and performance address a range of aesthetic, philosophical and social questions.

ROOM 210

Caitlin Cherry (b. 1987) will present abstract self-portraits in which she places her own figure alongside a carefully constructed avatar. Cherry’s use of the surrogate becomes a means of coping with fraught emotion, creating a sense of fracturing and conflict heightened by the artist’s incorporation of found objects. Cherry is a 2012 graduate of the Columbia MFA program.

Hedieh Javanshir Ilchi (b. 1981) Fresh from her recent feature on the cover of Art Papers, Ilchi will present painting and collage works that explore the duality of her cultural identity as an Iranian–American by fusing the visual codes of Western abstraction and traditional Persian design. These hybrid works reference specific sociopolitical events but also function on a more poetic level, suggesting an ongoing cycle of intrusion and evasion. Ilchi is a 2011 graduate of the American University MFA program.

Cheryl Pope (b. 1980) is a multimedia artist who incorporates collaborative and community-oriented processes into her work. Her sewn gold-chain piece BLACK and WHITE investigates questions around identity, race and otherness, as well as the liminal grey space between such binaries. Her TOPS works speak to human frailty and the possibility of spinning out of control. When Pope spins the TOPS, constructions of high end vintage China sets, the fragile and costly material heightens viewers’ anxious anticipation for the moment at which control is ultimately lost.  Pope is a 2010 graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago MA in Design program.

Caitlin Teal Price (b. 1980) will present her Washed Up series, which was recently featured in the NYTimes. The photographs of Washed Up offer us the opportunity to stare, to wonder and to fantasize about the lives of strangers. In this series, the viewer is encouraged to create stories about each subject by looking at the scars, veins and wrinkles on their skin, by the pattern on their blanket, the style and placement of their shoes and the items brought for both comfort and survival. This leisure activity has taken on a specimen like persona; each barely clad stranger presents themself under bright light, poised for observation. Price is a 2009 graduate of the Yale MFA program.

ROOM 221

In a special presentation from Cheryl Pope, Contemporary Wing is pleased to present three new environmental works. The Games We Play, a large interactive installation -- that explores the gambles inherent in daily life, while Say What You Gotta Say uses text and spoken word audio to examine the moments of uncertainty and conflict from divergent points of view

In The Games We Play, Pope invites the viewer to toss a coin into a rotating circle of forms, legs dressed in athletic socks. If the coin lands inside one of the hollow legs, the viewer wins a prize announced on the opening-- “something broken” / “something lost” / “something sexy.” The details of the prize are provided by the viewer; individuals draw from their own experience to fill in the blank.  Stitched on the outer ring of athletic socks are varsity patches touting binaries such as “tall / short”, “fast / slow”, “truth / lie.” These opposites join in conversation with the winning statements from the inner circle to shine light on the system by which we tend to parse experience into exclusive categories.

Say What You Gotta Say features voices from Chicago teenagers responding to the question: “In a recent moment of confrontation, what was something that you wanted to say but didn’t?” while Theirs, Yours, Mine  includes the voices of Chicago’s senior citizens offering counseling to those in throes of anxiety or confrontation.


  • (e)merge VIP & Press Preview, Thursday, October 4: 5pm – 7pm (By invitation only)
  • Opening Preview, Thursday, October 4: 7pm - 9pm
  • + Concert by the Pool, 9 - 11pm by: Thievery Corporation with Eric Hilton (ticketed event)


  • Friday, October 5: 12pm – 7pm
  • Saturday, October 6: 12pm – 7pm
  • Sunday, October 7: 12pm – 5pm (e)merge art fair

Capitol Skyline Hotel

10 I Street, SW

Washington, DC 20024