Kareem Gouda "Dokhan"

Kareem Gouda "Dokhan" lives and works in Cairo, Egypt


Dokhan is a graphic designer, graffiti and street artist. The beginning of his street art career was mainly inspired by "Marc EckĊ's Getting Up" game for Playstation 0ne, "and ever since I played it I wanted to do graffiti."

At the very beginnings of the Egyptian revolution in 2011 Dokhan met street artist the Sad Panda and after following his work, began to create street art along side Sad Panda on the streets of Eqypt.

"Back in Alexandria, was with a couple of my friends and it was late at night and by accident one of them had a permanent marker so I started drawing and I did a leech coming out of the ground and crashing everything with a bubble coming out of it mouth that says "Beware the curfew!" so it began. I started to do the 'Beware the curfew leech' in Alexandria, Cairo and Portsaied. Chose the name Dokhan because it means Smoke in Arabic and as an anonymous graffiti artist, I do the piece and disappear like the smoke in the air."

  • 2012  'This is Not Graffiti' exhibition with Teneen, Sad Panda, Adham Bakry and Hend Kheera and Hany Khaled along with Charles Akl & Amr.
  • 'Mad Graffiti Week' in 2012 along with Teneen, Ganzeer and other artists.
  • Documentary with Sad Panda about graffiti for Aljazeera Turkey.

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