Guerrilla Girls

Formed New York, 1985, still going strong in 2012

The Guerrilla Girls are feminist masked avengers in the tradition of anonymous do-gooders like Robin Hood, Wonder Woman and Batman. They use facts, humor and outrageous visuals to expose discrimination and corruption in politics, art, film, and pop culture. They undermine the idea of a mainstream narrative by revealing the understory, the subtext, the overlooked, and the downright unfair. They’ve unveiled anti-film industry billboards in Hollywood just in time for the Oscars, dissed the Museum of Modern Art, New York, at its own Feminist Futures Symposium, and created large scale projects for the Venice Biennale; the Centre Pompidou, Paris; Istanbul; Mexico City; Athens; Rotterdam; Bilbao; Sarajevo; Shanghai; Ireland; Krakow and Montreal. They are authors of stickers, billboards, posters, street projects, and several books including The Guerrilla Girls' Bedside Companion to the History of Western Art; Bitches, Bimbos and Ballbreakers: The Guerrilla Girls' Guide to Female Stereotypes; The Guerrilla Girls' Art Museum Activity Book; and The Guerrilla Girls' Hysterical Herstory of Hysteria and How it Was Cured, from Ancient times Until Now. Their work is passed around by their tireless supporters. They travel the world doing performances and workshops, encouraging thousands of people to invent their own crazy kind of activism, too. Just in the few years, they have been in Australia, Brazil, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Poland, Ireland, France, and Canada, as well as all over the United States.

Recently, the Guerrilla Girls unveiled their latest project about art museums, “Time for Gender Reassignment,” as part of an exhibition of recent work at Columbia College Chicago: “Not Ready to Make Nice: The Guerrilla Girls in the Art World and Beyond.” They launched a new edition of The Guerrilla Girls' Art Museum Activity Book, a parody of the publications museums create to teach children to appreciate art (only ours teaches everyone to criticize museums.) The first edition was the best selling book ever published by Printed Matter, NY. New posters and billboards about politics and marriage equality are about to hit the streets in Minneapolis and Washington, DC.

Selected Special Projects and Actions

  • “Even Michelle Bachmann….” Election billboard for Minnesota, October, 2012
  • “Do Women have to be Naked to Get into Boston Museums,” billboard    truck project, Boston, fall, 2012
  • “I’m Not a feminist, but….” interactive Street project for Art Boom Festival, Krakow, Poland, 2012
  • “Gender Reassignment at the Art Institute of Chicago,” poster/banner for Columbia College of Chicago, 2012
  • “Dearest Interview Magazine,”  project for Interview Mag, 2012
  • “A Toast to Irish Art,”  3 projects for Belfast, Ireland, 2009
  • “Disturbing the Peace,” street poster commemorating the Polytechnique Massacre, Montreal, Canada, 2009
  •                 “Dearest Eli Broad,” action at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 2008
  •  “Guerrilla Girls and Brainstormers Get Mad,” action outside the Bronx Museum, 2008
  • “Horror on the National Mall,!” project for the Washington Post, 2007
  • “Free the Women Artists!,”  and “Where are the Women Artists?” sandwich board projects, Shanghai, China, 2007
  •                 “Dearest Art Collector,” a project for Athens, China and the US, 2007
  • “¡Hay que quitar las Cadenas a las Mujeres Directoras!(Unchain the Women Directors!” a project for Mexico City and Zaragosa, Spain, 2006
  • “The Future for Turkish Women Artists,” A project for the Istanbul Modern Museum, 2006
  • “Where are the Women Artists of Venice?” and “Welcome to the Feminist Biennale,” projects for the Venice Biennale, 2005
  • “The Trent l”Ottscar,” billboard in Hollywood, 2003
  • “The Women’s Homeland Terror Alert System,” project for the Village Voice, 2003
  • “The Anatomically Correct Oscar,“ billboard in Hollywood, 2002
  • “The Birth of Feminism,” project for Adbusters, banner in the Netherlands, 2001-2007
  • “How to Enjoy the Battle of the Sexes,” project for The New Yorker, 1996


  • “Confessions of the Guerrilla Girls,” 1995
  • “The Guerrilla Girls Bedside Companion to the History of Western Art,” 1998
  • “Bitches, Bimbos and Ballbreakers, The Guerrilla Girls Illustrated Guide to Female Stereotypes,” 2003
  • “The Hysterical Herstory of Hysteria and How It Was Cured from Ancient Times Until Now,” 2010
  • “The Guerrilla Girls Art Museum Activity Book,” 2004, updated 2012

Selected Recent Exhibitions

  • 2012  “Not Ready to Make Nice: The Guerrilla Girls in the Art World and Beyond,” Columbia College, Chicago and Monserrat College of Art, Beverly, Mass
  •  “States of Flux,” Tate Modern, London
  • “This Will Have Been,” MCA, Chicago, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis,  ICA, Boston
  • “Of the People,” Contemporary Wing, Washington, DC
  • “Cancelled”, Center for Book Arts, New York
  • “Art Boom Festival,” Krakow, Poland
  • “Shock of the News,” National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
  • “Merciless: Female Artists and the Comical,” Kunsthalle, Heilbronn, Germany
  • “Elles: Women Artists from the Centre Pompidou,” Seattle Museum of Art
  • “Indomitable Women,” Cineteca Matadero, Madrid, Spain
  • “Nervous Women,” Museum Guislain, Ghent, Belgium
  • 2011  “The Deconstructive Impulse,” Neuberger Museum, Purchase, NY, & Nasher Museum, Duke University
  • “Contemporary Art from the Collection,” Museum of Modern Art, NY
  • “Satirical Edge,” Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University, Chicago
  • “Guerrilla Girls Talk  Back” National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC
  • “Feminist Masked Avengers,” Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
  • “Public Sphere,” Gallery Loop, Seoul, Korea
  •  “Artists and Institutions,” Kunstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria
  •  “One Vision/Multiple Hands,” Vancouver, Canada           
  •  “Body Art Festival”, Caracus, Venezuela             
  •  2010  “elles@centrepompidou,” Centre Pompidou, Paris
  • “The Visible Vagina,” NY
  • “A Space for Dialogue,” Hood Museum, Dartmouth College, NH
  • Whitney Biennial, NY,
  • “Art Against Empire,” LACMA, Los Angeles
  • “Becoming Bitch, Becoming Outcast,” Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam
  • BITT Festival, Seoul, Korea
  • Women’s Festival, Aleppo, Syria
  • “Anarchy: In Search of a New World Order,” The Gallery@Harlem PoP, NY
  • 2009  “Ingres et les Modernes,” Musée Ingres, Montauban, France, Museum of Fine Arts, Quebec City
  • “On the Margins of Art,” Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona
  • "She is a Femme Fatale," Berardo Museum, Lisbon
  • Troubler le repos / Disturbing the Peace,”UQAM,  Montreal
  • “I’m Not a Feminist, But, “Millenium Court Arts Centre, Portadown, Northern Ireland
  • “Guerrilla Girls,” Acadia University Art Gallery, Wolfville, Nova Scotia
  • “Bushwhacked,” University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
  • “REBELLE: Art and Feminism 1969-2009,” Museum voor Moderne Kunst, Arnhem, Netherlands
  • “Horny”, Galleri Box, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • “The Graphic Imperative,” University of Kansas, Ohio Northern University & Museum of Design, Atlanta

Recent Appearances and Workshops

  • 2012
 University of Melbourne College of Art, Australia; ArtBoom Festival, Krakow, Poland; Dartmouth College; Princeton University;
Columbia College Chicago; Brooklyn Museum; Cornell University; Fordham University; Lake Forest College;
Monserrat College of Art; Tompkins Cortland Community College;
University of Hartford; Coastal Carolina University; North Country Community College; St. Francis College
  CAA  Annual Conference; Gothenburg, Sweden; Tampere & Helsinki, Finland; University of Zurich; Nuit Blanche, Montréal; Duke University; Colby College; SUNY Purchase;
 University of Arizona; 
University of Wisconsin; Milwaukee; College of Charleston;
University of California Riverside; Hull-House, Chicago; Northern Michigan University; Rowan University; Miami University of Ohio; Kutztown University
  • 2010
  Centre Pompidou, Paris; Seville, Spain;
 Vitoria, Spain; Rio de Janiero, Brazil &
São Paolo Bienal, Brazil; Rhode Island School of Design; School of the Art Institute of Chicago (commencement keynote);
Union Theological Seminary; University of California at Santa Barbara;
New Mexico State University; Shippensburg University; Sage College; Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles; California University of Pennsylvania; Central Missouri State University; San Diego Mesa College; Augsburg College; Creative and Performing Arts High School, Pittsburgh
  • 2009
  University of Ulster, Ireland; Millenium Court Arts Centre, Belfast; Glucksman Gallery, Cork, Ireland;
National College of Art & Design, Dublin; Butler Gallery, Kilkenny, Ireland;
 Acadia University, Nova Scotia;
Chicago Humanities Festival; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; University of Chicago; Michigan State Art Educator’s Conference; University of California Santa Barbara;
Rutgers University;
 Illinois State University; Iowa State University; Grinnell College; Bitch Magazine Lectures, Portland State University; West Virginia State University; University of North Texas

Public Collections

  • Museum of Modern Art, New York

  • Tate Modern, London

  • Centre Pompidou, Paris

  • Whitney Museum of American Art

  • Hellenic American Union, Athens, Greece

  • Istanbul Modern Museum, Istanbul

  • Museo Bilbao, Spain

  • Brooklyn Museum, New York

  • The Danish Museum of Art & Design, Copenhagen

  • The National Gallery, Washington DC

  • The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC

  • Art Institute of Chicago

  • Getty Research Center
  • Walker Art Center, Minneapolis

  • Yale University Art Gallery
  • Middlebury College Museum of Art
  • Galerie de l’UQAM, Montreal (Quebec
  • Milwaukee Art Museum Cantor Center

  • Wadsworth Athenaeum, Hartford CT

  • Smith College Museum of Art,

  • Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College,
  • NAU Art Museum, Flagstaff AZ

  • New York Public Library
  • Princeton University Art Museum
  • Reed College Library
  • Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid, Spain

  • Stanford University Art & Architecture Library

  • Falkirk Cultural Center, San Rafael CA

  • Art Museum

  • St. Lawrence University

  • Musée Ingres, Montauban, France 

  • Neuberger Museum of Art, SUNY Purchase

  • Burnaby Art Gallery, British Columbia, Canada

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