Alex Ernst

My sculptures are the remnants of my physical impact on material. They play with ideas of gravity and what it is for form to exist in space. The process is intentionally boiled down to bare bones. The majority of tools I use are rudimentary and require only my physical exertion.

Influenced by working daily in an industrial neighborhood in Brooklyn, I use wood, string, and metal. In my sculptures these materials are used for their inherent properties but they are striped of their functionality, and become vehicles for physical exploration and aesthetics.

Alex Ernst lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


  • 2009   BFA Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY


  • 2012  (solo) Enblanco, Berlin, Germany (forthcoming)
  • 2011  Haley Mellin / Oliver Mosset [and Back Room], UNTITLED, New York, N­­­Y
  • NEXT Generation, Contemporary Wing, Washingotn, DC


  • MOCA: Museum of Contemporary Art , Tuscon, Arizona

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